(01/18) Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Big Van Walter

Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Turbinenhalle (Oberhausen, Germany)
wXw Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match

Originally, the main event of this show was scheduled to be Daisuke Sekimoto challenging Tommy End for the wXw Unified World Heavyweight Championship while Walter and Sabre Jr. wrestled for a title match on a future show. Sekimoto was scratched due to injury turning this match into an opportunity for a title shot later in the night.

The long knuckle lock sequence to begin the match was neat and avoided getting repetitive. Sabre’s striking is hit or miss (see his match later in the same evening versus Tommy End) but with a big target like Walter, he really lays it in. Being the big fat guy that he is, Walter makes a good punching/kicking and you’ve to like the sound of Sabre’s boot connecting squarely with flab. Walter, of course, gives it back pretty well himself.

The match seems to stall out sometime before the finishing sequence. It kind of meanders towards a finish over the last five minutes or so, with Sabre Jr. getting the title shot with some sort of arm wrench. The finish itself came a little out of nowhere. These two have better matches in them (they have had better matches versus one another) but this was fine overall.

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