(01/17) Vordell Walker vs. Dagon Briggs

United States Wrestling Alliance
Snyder Armory (Jacksonville, Florida)
Spook City Roulette match

The gimmick here is that there are bags in each of the four corners. Each bag contains a weapon that can be used in the match. The decision to use little red gift-bags to hold the weapons was . . . odd. I kept waiting for Briggs to reach into one and pull out the Amazon Gift card the promoter got for Christmas.

Some fine exchanges of holds to start this thing out, before Walker ends up outside the ring about four minutes in. In a fun spot, Briggs goes for a dive but Walker avoids by dropping to all fours right up against the ring apron on the floor. Walker waits a few seconds before looking around and assuming it is okay to stand up. Briggs was waiting him out directly above, however, and immediately launches himself onto Walker. He lands on Walker’s shoulders for am unexpected hurricanrana. Not the prettiest one you will ever see then again based on Brigg’s look (a Vampiro-like white and black face paint combo) I didn’t expect to see that sort of hurricanrana from him at all so I’ll take it.

That move leads to a brawl on the outside with the first bagged weapon (a belt) introduced. Both guys took nice bumps into empty chairs before the belt whipping began and the match started to sputter. They stayed outside for a while and continued to brawl in the ring. The second weapon was introduced (a rope) which lead to a stretch of rope-assisted choking. This entire portion with the first two weapons was uninspired and nothing special.

Briggs hit some nice forearms. The third bag held tacks and birth guys teased emptying it. When Walker finally did, Briggs had already taken a chain out if the fourth holiday gift bag and used it to knock out Walker before he took a ride in the thumbtacks. I liked the idea of teasing the tacks but never using them. However, that really only works if the crowd is eagerly anticipating their use, which they weren’t.

Briggs’ extremely indie-look belies his actual wrestling and athletic ability, but aside from that there was not much to see here. I’ve seen some praise for this match and I am not getting it. Not much more than a fine brawl on an Indie show.

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