(01/18) Tyler Breeze vs. Adrian Neville

January 15th (taped January 9th)
Full Sail University (Winter Park, Florida)

Tyler Breeze’s male model gimmick is over-the-top but there was a lot of good ineffectual heel work from him. He has a great deer in the headlights look which matches up perfectly with the gimmick. When he gets near falls during the match – which on a couple of occasions were simply the result of Neville missing an offensive move – rather than looking angry that he didn’t pick up the win, he looks scared. The potential for him to at least be a solid low-card heel in the vein of Heath Slater is certainly there.

Neville is likely ready for prime time. His flying is as smooth as ever and like with Breeze, his facial reactions really stood out. He probably fits best in a high-flying tag team at this point with high-flying partner (Justin Gabriel? Evan Bourn? Sami Zayn?), but he seems ready for the big stage once the WWE comes up with a plan for him.

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