(01/12) Triton vs. Cancerbero

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Lightning Match

Cancerbero and Triton have a fast paced lightning match (one fall, ten minute time limit) that stands out as the best match on the second Sunday of January Arena Mexico card.

Cancerbero starts the flying off with a beautiful running dive through the middle ropes into a somersault about three minutes in. Cancerbero is the not the smallest or thinnest luchadore going which makes that particular dive all the more exciting when he hits it. Triton gets into the high flying mix later in the match. His first contribution is a top rope moonsault to the outside that he gets great height on, but also adds in an over-the-top rope dive later on for good measure. He picks up the victory in about 7 ½ minutes with a springboard leg drop that he once again gets nice air on.

This is the first lightning match I have written about on the site so let me take a minute to write just how much I like the lightning match as a concept. Obviously, it works best in lucha where the one-fall format makes a difference. However, I think the 10-minute time limit – and the understanding that the match will be wrestled at a faster, more reckless pace as a result – adds real value as well. In a wrestling world where there is a certain prevailing sameness to the proceedings, a lighting match is something different and for the most part – at least in CMLL – the concept works.

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