(01/06) The Brotherhood (Goldust & Cody Rhodes) vs. The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro w/ Zeb Colter)

Baltimore Arena (Baltimore, MD)

Goldust and Cody Rhodes played a significant role in the rehabilitation of the once-dormant WWE tag division since teaming up last fall and winning the tag team titles in October.  At one point the plan was for the team to break up leading to a WrestleMania singles match, but such a direction feels shortsighted at this point.  The Rhodes brothers make such a good tag team and understand the baby face roles in a tag match so well, that they really are the glue that holds the division together.

Both Cody and Goldust take turns getting worked over during this match and the heat sequences are very good when Cesaro is the one dishing out the punishment.  Dustin Rhodes – the obvious 2013 comeback wrestler of the year – is just showing off at this point.  In this match, the 44 year-old veteran pulls off a middle rope hurricanrana, performs a beautiful double cross body block, and takes a nasty looking spill to the outside.  The latter event leads to a hot finishing sequence.  With Goldust temporarily out of commission on the outside of the ring, Cody appears vulnerable to the Real Americans.  The near fall teases were well done and Goldust’s return to the ring was timed perfectly as it truly felt like Cody was one move away from being pinned.

The Rhodes Brothers are so much fun to watch now that it would be a shame if they are broken up anytime soon.  Here’s hoping we are still watching Brotherhood tag team matches come April and May of this calendar year.


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