(01/19) Tetsuya Naito & Rush vs. Rey Escorpion & Tomohiro Ishii

Korakuen Hall (Toyko, Japan)

In most of his matches, Ishii is the hard hitter. He was thoroughly shown up by Rush and Escorpion in that department on this night. The Rush/Escorpion exchanges of this match were the highlight and the difference between this being an average and above average match. Escoprion and Rush chopped the heck out of one another, threw stiff forearms, and Rush brought his usual assortment of hard, hard dropkicks. The best of those dropkicks, however, was probably delivered to Ishii, who flew out of the ring after colliding with a standing dropkick from Rush.

Naito and Ishii’s issue was once again at the center. Naito is hurt by having to adapt to Ishii’s strike-based, no-pain style. It doesn’t suit him. Nonetheless, he looks truly aggravated by Ishii’s continued assaults to the point where I am anticipating their upcoming match, even though I suspect the style of match will not be my cup of tea. The two adversaries continued brawling after the match, which concluded when Rush hit a nasty Rush driver on Escorpion who had to be helped back down the isle.

Probably the second best match of the final night of the tour, thanks in large part to the very good work of Rush and the always solid Escorpion.

Lucha Tag| Watchable | Individual Performances (Rush & Escorpion)

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