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(09/24/1993) Villano III vs. Rambo (AAA)

villano iii vs. rambo
mask vs. hair

Year: 1993
Type: Mask vs. Hair
Other: Bloody


The best of the Rambo/Villano III matches is this apuesta match from early AAA. This also might be the best individual performance of Rambo’s career. Lots of blood is spilled as you would expect. The most surprising aspect was that this was quicker paced and had a broader range of offense than you might expect in an apuesta match from these two at this stage in their careers. The match had good heat – much stronger than their 2001 IWRG series – and was a more compact match than their 1987 mask bout. Steve Sims predicted at the start of 1993 that Villano III would call it quits within the next 12-18 months after one big run in AAA. We know how false that ended up being and in no way does Villano look like a wrestler on his last legs in this one. This is another one of those very good early AAA matches between two veterans and a match that felt more like a CMLL match in structure and style.

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