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Maximo © vs. Vangellys (CMLL – 01/18/16)

Maximo © vs. Vangellys for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
January 18, 2016
Arena Puebla
*** ½

Maximo is the standout in this enjoyable throw-away CMLL singles match from Arena Puebla.

Maximo seemingly has it all figured out these days.  As CMLL Heavyweight champion, he has generally wrestled two types of singles matches.  One is his dramatic, “major” match layout where he sells (and sells and sells and sells . . .) to garner sympathy leading to a big time comeback for the win.  Last January’s match with Negro Casas (from right before he won the championship), the title win versus Terrible, and this month’s apuesta match with Kamaitachi are all examples of that match type.  In situations that are more throw-away, Maximo goes to the basics with something along the lines of rudimentary opening fall mat work, a quick second fall, and a longer third fall where he peppers in his high spots while also attempting to trick the crowd with a big near fall (or two) for his opponent.  That was more or less how he got okay to good matches out of Euforia and Terrible late last year.

This title defense with Vangellys is similar to those last two matches in that it is a relatively basic match that succeeds through hard work (from both guys) and an airtight design. Continue reading