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(01/11) Arik Royal (c) vs. Manny Garcia

CWF Mid-Atlantic
Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium (Gibonsville, NC)
CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship

Manny Garcia has a good gimmick. The abundantly prideful and brash Dominican wrestler really hasn’t be done before. Sure, like most wrestling gimmicks based on ethnicity Garcia’s gimmick pushes up against being stereotypical but in no way does it seem offensive. As a huge baseball fan, I can attest that on average Dominican players show more outward charisma and enthusiasm than other players, which would fit perfectly into a pro wrestling context.

Garcia’s gimmick and personality are clearly the strong points at this stage in his career, but they are strong enough and his wrestling ability is adequate enough for him to get by. He is full of energy and as such an obvious outward charisma that his in-ring mistakes don’t stick out. On the finish, for example, he practically trips over Royal and stumbles to his knees in the corner. He picks himself up and gives a big cheesy grin at the video camera being pointed right in his face, before he walks right into Royal’s finisher. There were other moments like that where Garcia seemed like he was out of place but his undeterred confidence gets him through those less than graceful moments.

Royal looked as good in this match as I have seen him. He is not the most charismatic wrestler, nor is he the biggest or most talented one. That means he is most likely destined to remain on the indies but he is a wrestler that deserves a high-profile.

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