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(03/02/1984) Herodes vs. Tony Salazar (CMLL)

Herodes vs. Tony Salazar

Year: 1984
Type: n/a
Other:Recommended; Bloody


Herodes and Tony Salazar attempt to settle a grudge by having it out in a match that turns into a violent and bloody brawl. No stipulation was attached to the match, but was as bloody and violent as many hair matches. The manner of brawling and other elements – particularly Herodes’ wrestling style – are similar to what one might find in similar grudge matches in the U.S. at the time, making this a rather accessible match. Herodes has the mannerisms and bumping style of Harley Race while the brawling at times conjures up images of Memphis (not that Memphis brawls and lucha brawls are all that different to begin with). The level of blood spilled is borderline sickening but makes for some memorable visuals. The match did well on the DVDVR 80’s lucha poll, finishing  in 9th place overall.

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