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(03/26/1993) Tinieblas Jr. vs. Ciclope (AAA)

Tinieblas Jr. vs. Ciclope
Mask vs. Mask

Year: 1993
Type: Mask vs. Mask
Other: n/a


The Ciclope in this match is not Halloween, but rather Tugboat Taylor doing a short-term masked gimmick seemingly designed to give Tinieblas an easy mask victory and nothing more. And an easy win this one was as it goes just two falls with Tinieblas taking the first fall via disqualification and the second one cleanly.  Ciclope looked rough early on but looked better as he warmed up. Still, this is not a good match. They get in and get out without embarrassing themselves in anyway but the match doesn’t stand out in any appreciable way expect for the absurdness of using Tugboat Taylor in this role. I guess one other surprise would be that the crowd popped huge for Tinieblas taking the second fall and the match as if him keeping his mask was not a foregone conclusion but maybe that was just because they didn’t expect him to take two straight the way he did.

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