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(04/02/2006) Stuka Jr. vs. La Flecha (CMLL)

Stuka Jr. vs. La Flecha

Year: 2006
Type: Mask vs. Mask
Other: n/a


Mid-card mask matches are often unremarkable but this is one of the good ones. The bout is highlighted by a ten minute final fall where there is a lot of good offense, very good heat, and dramatic near falls. This is La Flecha’s one and only moment in the spotlight and he more than delivers. While the match is not a slam dunk MOTYC, this is probably as good as good of a mid-card Arena Coliseo mask match as can reasonably be expected.

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Negro Casas, Gran Guerrero & Kamaitachi vs. Volador Jr., Stuka Jr. & Dragon Lee (CMLL – 02/18/2016)

Negro Casas, Gran Guerrero & Kamaitachi vs. Volador Jr., Stuka Jr. & Dragon Lee
February 18, 2016
Arena Mexico

I do not know why these six decided to wrestle at such a breakneck page for a match whose only purpose was to move along the Voaldor Jr./Negro Casas issue but I am glad that they did. Whatever the reasons, it was a pleasant surprise that they went down the path they did. The hectic pace gave this one a different feel than your normal single-minded CMLL TV trios. So often in these situations the two feuding wrestlers feud in an obvious manner while the other four become background players. That was not quite the case here. All six wrestlers – yes, even Gran Guerrero – had a memorable moment or two. Also while Volador and Casas’s interaction became contentious there was not nine minutes of choking, brawling, and fouls in an attempt to get over the hatred. That stuff was there, but used in a complementary fashion as opposed to consuming the entire match. Casas was fantastic here (no surprise). Stuka Jr. might have been the second best. I am a sucker for the form of his dives. During the match, he hit an out of nowhere splash and a picture perfect plancha to the outside.

The takeaway from this match was its relentless pace. That was really the differentiator between an okay but forgettable match and a match that that was a little more memorable.