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(01/04) Reed Bentley vs. Danny Cannon

Evolution Pro Wrestling
Edwards County Fairgrounds (Albion, IL)

Danny Cannon is super athletic and – at least in this particular match – hits all of his spots cleanly.  The problem is that Danny Cannon moves at a million miles a second.  This match is not more than 15 minutes but he packs in enough offense to conservatively cover two or three separate matches.  The offense itself is fine – some of it even very good – but it is too much.  I felt like I was on a sugar rush watching move after move after move.  Cannon even rolled or flipped most of the time when getting off the canvas.  It was too much.

Reed Bentley is not exactly holding back either.  His offense is more strike based but he throws out a lot of it.  At times Bentley played the aloof heel well but then would go right back into throwing spinning back fists.  The match really became a collection of moves without much flow.

That’s not to say there weren’t positives in this match, because there were.  Bentley has potential as a heel and Cannon’s offense was extremely varied, usually smooth, and often impressive.  The match also – despite containing way too much action in a short period – did not go overboard in terms of big/dangerous moves and kick outs.  There was a good, shorter match within the match they did.  Cut out about 50% of the offense, keep Bentley’s better heel & stooge moments,  add in some of Cannon’s fine offense, and you’ve got yourself a good match.


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