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(01/02) Jun Akiyama, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, & Takao Omori vs. Akebono, Suwama, & Taiyo Kea

All-Japan Pro Wrestling
Korakuen Hall (Tokyo, Japan)

Akebono is probably still not the best choice to hold the Triple Crown but in six man tags he is surprisingly effective. He moves remarkably well for someone over 500 pounds and takes a few ground shaking bumps in this match. In a promotion with such little talent, you could do worse than Akebono as your top title-holder.

This is a basic All Japan six-man that nobody will confuse with a six-man tag main event from the promotion’s mid–90’s heyday, but it is perfectly fine for what it is. Kanemaru takes a beating for most of the match, everyone gets some stuff in, and Omori pins Akebono cleanly to set up a title match on the next leg of the tour. Well, sort of. Omori actually wins the 16-man open weight battle royal that follows this match and technically main events the show in order to get his title shot.

Like I said before – not your father’s All Japan anymore.


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