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(01/03) Akebono (c) vs. Taoki Omori

All Japan Pro Wrestling
Korakuen Hall (Tokyo, Japan)
Triple Crown Championship

Omori gets his awarded title shot by virtue of winning the prior day’s Battle Royal but is unable to capture the Triple Crown for the first time in his long-career.

The match itself is about what one might expect.  Not a ton of action and definitely not fancy.  Akebono is not awful but he is also not very good.  Stylistically, 2014 Omori is not the wrestler who is going to get a good match out of him either.  Omori bumps around (or usually into) Akebono admirably but not to any extent that the match is worth watching for the bumping.  The match lasts a tad over 14 minutes which is probably about six minutes longer than any Akebono singles matches should be.  He has plenty of stuff to fill up a good 8-minute bout but 14 minutes is stretching things.

Unless you must see every title match around the world, there is not much to see here.


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