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(04/02/1993) Oro vs. Mano Negra (CMLL)

Oro vs. Mano Negra

Year: 1993
Type: Title Match Style
Other: n/a


If you are looking for a match that demonstrates Oro’s reputation as a spectacular high flier, this is not necessarily the best one for that. Much of this title match is based around rudimentary holds and submission, with only glimpses of Oro’s impressive balance and agility. Oro twice scales the turnbuckles off of a running start and does so very smoothly. His big flying move of the match is a springboard plancha to the outside that he gets great distance on. Those moves and one or two other minor sequences provide a glimpse of Oro’s polished and innovative flying but otherwise it is a ho-hum sort of title match. Both wrestlers look competent trading holds and submissions but the non-flying stuff is overall average which made for an average-ish match overall. A match between the seconds – Guerrero Maya (Black Terry) and Ciclon Ramirez – would have had much potential.

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