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(07/18/1993) Blue Panther vs. Love Machine (AAA)

Blue Panther vs. Love Machine

Year: 1993
Type: Mask vs. Hair
Other: Historical; Angle


One year after Love Machine lost his mask to Blue Panther in CMLL, the two old adversaries met in an apuesta re-match in AAA. The match is storyline and angle driven, but it is a good storyline and a well-executed angle. Love Machine lost his mask in 1992 due to a dumb mistake and is coming to take Panther’s mask as means of righting that wrong. As is often the case with revenge plots, this one goes horribly off the rails for Love Machine. This match is an interesting comparison to the Ciclon Ramirez/Felino mask match CMLL ran earlier the same month. While the wrestling in Panther/Love Machine is only okay at best and the work in Ramirez/Felino is great, the booking of the AAA match and post-match makes it the more indelible match. This one has obvious historical implications as well given that is spawned the successful Los Gringos Locos angle.

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