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(01/09/2015) Dragon Lee vs. Kamaitachi (CMLL)


Year: 2015
Type: Lightning
Other: n/a


The second singles match (and second lightning match) in what would become a memorable series of matches. At this point in the feud, there was no reason for anyone to believe that it would be anything different than the normal feud involving a New Japan wrestler on loan from New Japan. Kamaitachi would drop his mask to Dragon Lee, get lost in the CMLL shuffle for a while, and then maybe drop his hair on the way out. What’s great about this match – and what would become the defining characteristic of the feud – is that Dragon Lee and Kamaitachi went all out despite all of that. Whether it was because they were ignorant to the reality of the situation or determined to change it, they kill themselves and each other in a noteworthy sub-5 minute match. Its hard to make a mark with that little time, but these two did by packing all they could into the time they were allotted.

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