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(04/30/1993) Lizmark vs. La Parka (AAA)

LIZMARK VS. La parka
mexican national light heavyweight

Year: 1993
Type: Title Match Style
Other: Recommended


The veteran Lizmark and the upstart La Parka wrestle the show stealing match at the inaugural TripleMania. 1993 AAA is a fascinating cross section of traditional lucha with the still-developing staples of AAA such as groundbreaking flying (good) and overbooked garbage matches (bad). This match is a perfect example of old meeting new and creating something truly excellent in the process.

The match is one fall, but builds from meaningful mat work to rope running to bigger bumps and near falls the way a CMLL title match from the same era might. The timing for this one was just right, as Lizmark was on the down slope of his career and La Parka was an emerging homegrown AAA star. They met at just the right times in their careers to produce a memorable match. Lizmark is smooth in every facet of his game. La Parka shows a technical proficiency that I sometimes forget he possessed and the deceptive agility that was his calling card for many years. They work snugly both on and off the mat. There are a lot of near falls here, but not an excessive amount both by future and contemporary standards. The match is hurt by the confusing false ending and re-start, but its not a deal breaker since the work that comes before it is so strong. Anyone that knows La Parka just from his WCW days or as a veteran should seek this out to see how awesome of a young wrestler he was. Lizmark delivers a must-see performance as well. He was quite possibly the best wrestler in Mexico in 1993 even as his career has already begun to wind down and this match is further proof of that.

Note on the newsletter recaps: Steve Sims version of the confusing finish would appear to be the correct one (as opposed to the Observer’s version) as it meshes better with what we can actually see happening in the video of the match.

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