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(10/01/1993) Vulcano vs. Misterioso vs. Huichol, hair vs. mask vs. hair (AAA)

vulcano vs. misterioso vs. huichol
Hair vs. mask vs. hair

Year: 1993
Type: Hair vs. Mask vs. Hair
Other:Triangular; Clipped


The version of this match that is (or was) on YouTube has a lot of clipping going on. The clipping appears to just cutting out the down time in between moves more than anything else but even then we are missing some significant time. The 10/18/1993 edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter lists the three-way portion as 4:07 and the apuesta match at 10:29. Both of those matches combined are less than ten minutes in the online version. From what’s there, both parts of the match – but more so the one-on-one portion – appear to be decent, high energy matches but its difficult to get a real grip on the quality. This is more of a high impact apuesta match as opposed to a violent run, but there are some quality double teams early and impressive offense from Misterioso late.

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