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(09/14/1984) El Satanico vs. Gran Cochise (CMLL)

El Satanico vs. Gran Cochise
NWA WORLD Middleweight

Year: 1984
Type: Title Match Style


Considered by the DVDVR Lucha 80’s set watchers to be among the best lucha matches of the 1980’s, this is a classically structured lucha title match in most every sense of the phrase. The first fall stays on the mat, which a heavy ephasize on struggle and stalemates. The entire match is wrestled on the up and up, maybe to a surprising extent given Satanico’s involvement. There is the second and third fall escalation one would expect from a quality title match, culminating in a submission heavy final few minutes. On an individual basis, this is another match that helps make the case of Satanico being an all-time great worker and a match that makes you wish we had access to more Gran Cochise singles matches.Considered by some to be a candidate for the distinction of “best lucha title match ever”.

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