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(06/18/2006) La Parka vs. Muerte Cibernetica (AAA)

La Parka vs. Muerte Cibernetica

Year: 2006
Type: Mask vs. Mask
Other: n/a


A typical overbooked AAA main event match in many aspects. This mask match has more than a half-a-dozen wrestlers hanging around ringside at any given time, in-ring interference throughout, rudo referees, weapons, and everything you’ve come to expect from AAA. The most egregious part of this particular match is when a brawl breaks out between the non-match participants that spills to the backstage area. Instead of letting it go, AAA cuts away from the ring constantly to show what is going on in the back which needless to say, proves to be quite the distraction. When La Parka (II) and Muerte Cibernetica are allowed to actually have a wrestling match the results are decent but those opportunities are few and far between.

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