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(07/03/1992) MS-1 vs. El Faraón (CMLL)

MS-1 vs. El Faraón

Year: 1992
Type:  Hair vs. Hair
Other: Bloody


The main event of the same show as the classic El Dandy & Negro Casas title match was this forgettable veteran vs. veteran hair match. El Faraón was at the end of his career and MS-1 was past his prime. They worked at a methodical pace. More importantly, they do not make the most of that pace and the result is a middling match where the stakes feel far lower than they should. They both bleed (MS-1 bleeds heavily) which provides a little spark to the third fall. However, MS-1 also seems to run out of steam around the same time. As a result, the match crawls to the finish. The finish itself is blown with the losing wrestler’s shoulders clearly being off the mat, but that doesn’t stop CMLL from showing a slow motion replay of it anyway.

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