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(1991) La Fiera vs. Jerry Estrada (Monterrey)

La Fiera vs. Jerry “Puma” Estrada
Chain Match

Year: 1991
Type: n/a
Other:Recommended; Bloody; Chain


With the exception of a confusing and unsatisfying finish, this match has everything one could possibly want out of a chain match. After some early match tentativeness, Fiera and Estrada start swinging for the fences and the results is a wild, unpredictable brawl. There are chain shots of course, but also wild chair tosses, legit head butts (including one to the referee!), and plenty of blood. The match is more than a novelty; you could drop this same match into almost any territory in the U.S. in the 1980’s and it would be among the stronger violent gimmick matches in those promotion’s histories. Estrada has never looked so stuff and the amazing consistent La Fiera is once again on his game. To top it all off, the match is more than just brawling and includes a really neat tope while both guys are still chained together. As mentioned, the abrupt and frankly stupid ending is the one major blemish on an otherwise immensely entertaining brawl.

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