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Top 50 Matches of 2014


Star ratings are included to provide a sense of degree more than anything else, but in general my star ratings tend to be a bell curve with perhaps a little heavier distribution on the front tail (lower rated matches) than on the other end (all-time classics).  I made a huge list of everything I watched and it was interesting to see that most fell in that slightly below/average/slightly above ** – *** range.  That feels right to me, however, since the vast majority of current matches I watch leave me thinking “that was fine”; nothing more or less.   I am not dead set on the order yet, but I think the top 10 is pretty close.

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2014 Favorites: CMLL

Virus title matches everywhere you look.  Cavnerario and Hechicero breakout.  Titan places himself among the elite wrestlers in the world.  Quality mask and hair matches all over the place.  This is the Top 20 Matches of 2014 CMLL! Continue reading

2014 Favorites: Tag Team Matches

2014 was not exactly a banner year for tag team wrestling, but there were quality matches to be found even if they cropped up in some unusual places.

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