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(06/10/1995) Super Calo vs. Angel Mortal (AAA)

Super Calo vs. Angel Mortal

Year: 1995
Type: Mask vs. Mask
Other: n/a


For the third iteration of TripleMania, AAA booked three separate shows (as they had in 1994) rather than running a single blowout show. To tie the events together, Antonio Peña booked a Cuadrangular de la Muerte (“Four Corners of Death”) series with Los Diabolicos members Angel Mortal and Marabunta and the dancing tag team of Super Calo and Winners. By the end of the third show, three of the four wrestlers would wind up unmasked. It began with a Relevos Increibles Suicidas where Marabunta and Winners won to force Calo and Mortal into the first mask match of the series. Since it followed a full length tag, this match is only one fall and wraps up in under five minutes. If you look at it as a third fall of an apuesta match, it is a pretty good one. As an overall match, it ends up feeling rather incomplete.

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