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(01/01/2016) Maximo vs. Kamaitachi (CMLL)

maximo vs. kamaitachi

Year: 2016
Type: Hair vs. Hair
Other: n/a


A means to an end hair match that turned out to be far better than the match it built to. CMLL seemingly wished to headline Homenaje Dos Leyendas in March with future hair match opponents Rush and Volador Jr. on the winning side of separate hair matches. To get there, they used the New Year’s Day show to quickly build up their opponents. This was one of those matches but ended up being really strong in its own right. The match is centered on Maximo’s (possibly legitimate) injured leg. Maximo is a fine limb seller so the generic story worked well here. This match also provides a different side of Kamaitachi – a more grounded, focused side – but he still managed to get in some of his signature crazy high spots.

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