(01/21) Rush, Titan & La Mascara vs. Vangelis, Terrible & Virus

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)

Another very good CMLL trios match from January that sets up one immediate singles matches and continues the tease of another.

The focus is on Titan and Virus. Titan gets into it with Virus immediately and spends the remainder of the match trying to get his hands on him. Virus is like the little bratty kid with two big older brothers who he runs to whenever some kid calls him on his bullying. He tags out when Titan tags in and generally avoids him as much as possible, allowing his much larger rudo teammates to do his dirty work. Rush sees this injustice going on and sticks up for Titan whenever possible, not only against Virus but Terrible as well.

The Rush/Virus segments of the match are a lot of fun. Rush mocks Virus’ stature early on (picking on the short guy . . . no wonder the Arena Mexico fans boo him) and rips his shirt off to lay in some very stiff chops. Virus gets his revenge later with an assist by Vangelis and Terrible who hold Rush against the ropes so Virus can lay in some chops.

Titan and Virus do go at it at various times during the match. As in the January 7th trios match that I liked a lot, Virus and Titan work really together. Post-match, Titan challenges Virus to a singles match on the 28th which judging by their trios match encounters recently, as the potential to be a great match.

The other match seemingly teased is Rush and Terrible, as it was previously on 1/7. I don’t know the last time Terrible defended the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship, so maybe we will get a match for that title between those two in the not-so-distant future.

The match is a barn-burner with both the rudo and tecnico teams scoring non-captain falls during the third fall and leading to a sudden death-type situation. Virus gets the better of it, getting Titan to submit for the victory and setting up their big singles encounter the following week.

A great mix of setting up matches, stiffness, double teams, and flying make this my favorite CMLL trios match of the year so far, but that could change in an instant.

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