(01/07) Rush, Stuka Jr. & Titan vs. El Terrible, Rey Bucanero & Virus

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)

This is a normal CMLL televised trios match in that it is about the usual length and there is nothing distinctively unique about the in-ring action. It is however, a very good normal CMLL trios match – one that doesn’t stay from the normal format but is incredibly solid throughout.

That these six put on a great match should not come as a surprise. Virus and Rush were amongst the best wrestlers in the world during 2013. Stuka Jr. is solid and Titan is one of my favorite guys in CMLL to watch these days. Terrible and Bucanero usually deliver solid or better performances, in addition to being good brawlers. The end result is a main event trios match that contains a little bit of everything.

Virus and Titan start things off with some fast paced and incredibly smooth mat exchanges. There are few wrestlers more sound in ring than Virus. Rush doles out the punishment to the entire rudo team during the match with a variety of stiff drop kicks and putting a little extra umph into everything he does. Terrible – who brings the brutality against longtime foe Rush as well – gets the better of Rush during a duel dropkick exchange. The blow is enough to score the first fall.

I love Stuka’s dives with the way he tucks his arms to his side and stays perfectly straight, as if he is an Olympic diver being judged on form. The tecnicos even things up in the second fall when Stuka gets a pin on Bucanero. The total match time is spread out relatively evenly over the three falls. By the time we get to the final fall, we have already seen a pretty great match and the third fall is the icing. Rush lands a great looking back suplex on Terrible and follows it up with a hard senton to get even with Terrible.

There will no doubt be more to come, but this is the first really good CMLL trios match of 2014.

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