(01/10) Ricochet vs. Chris Hero

The Orpheum (Ybor City, FL)

The first five or so minutes provide a glimpse of just what Chris Hero can bring to the US Indies on his second time through. He controls the early-goings with a slow and simple build that helps set the foundation for the rest of the match. Hero shows off some interesting mat work that eats up some time without ever feeling as time-filler. Many US Indy matches currently suffer from a lack of a solid start – matches tend to jump right into the body more often than not, which means everything gets sped up. The near falls happen in the body and the ending stretch descends into overkill. Hero’s early work in this match keeps that from being an issue.

Really, the entire match is a nice glimpse into how solid of a veteran worker Chris Hero has become. Ricochet is very talented and likely the best high flier left on the Indies but he benefits from Hero’s guidance in this match. The match has a nice pace to it. Combine it with Hero and Ricochet’s athletic abilities and you are going to get at least a good match every single time.

US Indie | Watchable | Quality

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