Rey Misterio Jr/Steven Regal vs. Eddy Guerrero/Dean Malenko (11/03/97 – Nitro)

While oddly booked, this kind-of, sort-of parajes incredibles match works. It’s more a testament to the four guys in the ring than anything else but they could have sleepwalked through the match and it still would have at *least* been average. Instead, they do there 1997 state-of-the-art spots and you come out of watching the 3:52 match thinking, “That was way too good to clock in just under four minutes.”

I love finding new takes on arm dragging out of moves. This match has a spot that I haven’t seen done anywhere else. Regal goes for his patented double arm, butterfly suplex. As he lifts Guerrero, Eddy arm drags out of it. Fantastic spot that needs to be stolen by a current luchador or US indy worker.

Eddy continues to be on fire here, getting loud “Eddy sucks” chants at the beginning of the match and when he finally enters after Rey and Malenko square off. Eddy even pulls out the “Fuerza Guerrera clapping spot” to fake his appreciation for Malenko’s opening segment, which works great as Malenko is a tweener, if not a face himself.

Time: 3:52
Rating: ***1/4

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