Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Silver King (09/22/97 – Nitro)

This is almost an interpromotional dream match, especially for the time period. AAA versus CMLL. Silver King stood out in both of the 1997 CMLL ciberneticos and Rey Jr. in the fall of 1997 is as good as ever week in and week out. Quick holds are exchanged early with the segment culminating with Rey doing running up the body into a rana that takes Silver King over the top rope and to the floor. Though Samurai and Kanemoto do this in their June 1997 Best of the Super Juniors final, I’m pretty sure Rey and Silver King do the first US reverse rana off of the top rope, which gets a huge reaction and a big near fall. A Silver King rana reversal gets another good near fall. Eddy Guerrero comes out to ringside and is greeted with loud “Eddy sucks” chants. Silver King hits a great superkick.  A missed moonsault allows Rey to go to the apron and hit his springboard rana for the pin, the third consecutive week he used this for the win.  The best 4:00 minute match possible.

Time: 4:00                                                                                                                                 Rating: ***

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