(01/22) R-Truth vs. Damien Sandow

January 22nd (Taped: January 21st)
Van Andel Arena (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

After a weaker RAW on Monday in terms of match quality, Main Event delivered two very solid TV matches. This is the first and probably more unexpected one of the two.

Truth has made a career out of being charismatic and just adequate enough in the ring to stick around, which is exactly how he comes off in this match. His crowd interaction covers for the currently heat-less Sandow and he runs out all of his usual spots to good effect.

Sandow looked really good here, although I am still not sure how exactly sure how I feel about him overall. He is not the flashy bumper that Ziggler is but he eats a wide variety of offense really well. I am not sure others would have taken Cena’s goofy (but awesome) lucha arm drag out of the full nelson on a recent RAW as smoothly as Sandow did. In general, I subscribe to theory that you are better off leaving an already established move alone but I liked the Russian Leg Sweep into the barrier and straightjacket neck breaker he pulled out versus Truth.

These two were given a fair amount of time (11+ minutes shown with one commercial break) and get some decent near falls down the stretch. The finish was kind of out of nowhere and I don’t know why Sandow is dropping matches to R-Truth on Main Event, but this was still better than any match on RAW from the same week.

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