(01/17) Psycho Circus (c) vs. La Secta

Arena Naucalpan (Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico)
AAA World Trios Championship

I am a fan of the entire Psycho Circus act from the Three Dog Night entrance music right down to their wrestling style. The whole deal encapsulates pro wrestling fun for me. So given that, I am probably predisposed to enjoy their matches more relative to some other acts who do not quite strike the same cord with me.

They are not infallible in my eyes by any means. For example, their AAA World Trios match two days later in Monterey (versus El Hijo de Fantasma, Silver King & Texano Jr.) was just sort of there for me. It wasn’t terrible but not memorable. I thought this match was clearly better in a number of ways – more heat, a tighter layout, better moves, and higher quality contributions from their opponents. La Secta looked good against the Clowns, but then again they should with how often these two teams wrestle one another.

There was some long pre-match mic work with La Secta asking for the match to be a title match and the Circus giving a long speech in response to accept. Than we had to get the Box y Lucha Commision to sanction it before the match could finally get under way.

The dive sequence and the Psycho Circus’ assortment of double and triple team moves were the highlights for me. The finish was a low-lite and unfortunately, that is par for the course with current AAA. Hijo del Tirantes called it relatively down the middle most of the match, perhaps leaning towards favoring La Secta. Then he disqualifies them for a relatively minor transgression at the end, giving the win to Psycho Circus. Hijo del Tirantes factors into more AAA finishes than not these days and often in an illogical manner.

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