Pirata Morgan vs. Jerry Estrada (AAA – 10/29/1993)

Pirata Morgan vs. Jerry Estrada
October 29, 1993
* 1/2

I am a little confused by why this match ever even existed.

Some of the members of Los Infernales (with Pirata Morgan always involved) wrestled a team with Estrada on it the three prior weeks on television. Those matches set up Estrada versus the Infernales, but also teased dissension between Morgan and Satanico. The end game was a triangle match involving Estrada, Morgan, and Satanico on November 19th followed up a Satanico/Morgan hair match on the 26th.

On paper, a singles match between Pirata Morgan and Estrada as a means of building towards those end points makes sense. Maybe Satanico seconds Morgan and somehow assists in him losing the match. Maybe Satanico runs in at the end and there is miscommunication between him and Morgan. Morgan could have lost cleanly to Estrada playing off of the story from the prior week’s trios match where Morgan was angry at Satanico for losing to Estrada. We could spend all night fantasy booking scenarios for this match that would have moved the Morgan/Satanico/Estrada issue closer to its eventual end point.

So what did AAA do? They had the match fizzle out to a non-finish when Estrada needed to be helped to the back after what did not look like all that damaging of an attack by Morgan. The seconds – not Satantico but Pirattita Morgan and Jerrito Estrada instead – got heavily involved around the time of the non-finish with Jerrito the victim of an extended double team attack. With the singles match thrown out, the mini wrestlers exchanged hair match challenges for the following week. Satanico was nowhere to be seen during any of this. The following week, he and Morgan would officially split while wrestling in a trios match that did not include Jerry Estrada on the tecnico side (go figure).

This match vaguely furthered the Estrada/Morgan issue with Estrada having to be helped out but as mentioned, the beating Estrada took did not match up to the way he sold it. The match certainly did not further the Morgan/Satanico issue at all. Only the feud between the mini seconds progressed during this match. If that was the goal all along, why not run Pirata Morgan/Piratita Morgan vs. Jerry Estrada/Jerrito Estrada? They could have done the exact same finish as it would have still set up the mini’s hair match just without wasting a rare singles match to get there. A trios match with Satanico/Pirata/Piratita vs. Jerry/Jerrito/third tecnico could have gotten all of thestories into one match without wasting a singles match.

Cagematch lists 29 singles matches on AAA television in 1993. At least a few of those were single falls as part of a triangular apuesta match but we will go with 29 anyway. The Cagematch database returns 133 “Six-man tag 2 out of 3 falls” matches that same year or more than 4 ½ the number of singles matches. This match was only the 20th singles match on television during the first 10 months of the year. This might seem like a weird complaint, but I prefer (both currently and historically) for CMLL and AAA to not run a singles match if it isn’t going to serve a significant purpose. Singles matches in lucha are rare enough that even mano a mano matches like this one have elevated expectations associated with them. If they are not going to be wrestled in a special manner, just get done what needs to get done in a tag or trios match.

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