(01/14) Negro Casas, Puma & Tiger vs. Blue Panther, Black Panther & Cachorro

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)

It is a family affair as Casas teams up with his nephews to battle Blue Panther and his two sons.

To the Arena Mexico fans, it is clear who the starts of this match are. Whenever Casas and Panther are in the match – particularly up against one another – the crowd erupts. For their part, the two veteran luchadores play it up and try to whip the crowd into even a greater frenzy. The actual Blue Panther/Negro Casas interaction is somewhat limited (the match itself is a tad on the shorter side) but they do more than enough to build towards a future singles match.

The kids are not bad by any means, but they also clearly are not as over as the old men at this stage in their careers. It is a fact that doesn’t escape the crowd who are largely indifferent when those four on in the ring.

The ending provides some intrigue. Panther reverses a Casas victory roll with a roll up of his own and also reaches onto the rope for additional leverage. This prompts one of the CadenaTres commentators to shout “Blue Panther! Rudo!” I am not sure that was the necessarily the intent, but it is interesting that Panther would so blatantly cheat to steal a victory from Casas considering that Casas is basically a fan favorite in Arena Mexico anyway. Maybe it means nothing in the grand scheme of things besides setting up a Panther and Casas singles match, but an interesting ending to a mundane match.

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