(01/26) Negro Casas, Puma & Tiger vs. Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr. & Delta

Arena Coliseo (Mexico City, Mexico)

Negro Atlantis

Negro Atlantis

This was a great match that escalated the Atlantis/Casas issue before their singles match the following evening at Arena Puebla.

Casas wants no part of Atlantis, even if the crowd is hyped to see them go at it. Delta and Puma wrestle it out on the mat during the bulk of the first fall. Casas eventually ends up in the ring with Atlantis but Puma and Tiger jump Atlantis from behind. Casas gets in some nice shots on Atlantis with his two partners holding him at bay. Puma & Tiger pick up the first fall with their great slingshot double team move. Tiger placed Puma on his shoulders facing forward, leaned him back, then slung and slamed him onto Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr.

With Atlantis incapacitated, Casas feels comfortable enough getting in the ring with him. While the others brawl around ringside to open the second fall, Casas locks Atlantis in a head scissors on the mat and later chokes him out. Tiger gets into the action by untying Atlantis’ mark before Delta makes the save. Puma & Tiger looked really good the entire match. Atlantis finally gets Casas alone in the ring on fair ground and beats him up all around ringside. They end up on the ramp where Atlantis hits a nice tilt-a-whirl back breaker to put Casas down. This allows Delta & Guerrero Maya Jr. to return the favor from the first fall on Puma and Tiger to even up the match at 1-1.

Casas is more involved in the third fall but once Guerrero Maya Jr. tags in Atlantis, Casas hilariously makes a bee line towards his corner much to the chagrin of Atlantis and the Arena Coliseo crowd. Casas gets back on the apron and skips around gleefully, obviously not concerned about his cowardly actions. The move of the match is Delta falling back-first over the top rope put landing on Puma with a nice head scissors takedown.

Casas and Atlantis finally go at it in the middle of the ring, after Casas’ attempt to fake chest pains fails. Atlantis hits another backbreaker sending Casas bailing out of the ring. Later Casas once again finds himself with Atlantis and eats a third back breaker. This time instead of bailing, he fouls Atlantis with the official’s back turned and gets a roll up to win the heated match for his team.

The rudos unmask Atlantis after the match. Casas adds insult to injury by beating on Atlantis while wearing his mask.

This was a really heated match and a perfect setup for their upcoming singles match. Tiger & Puma worked really with Guerrero Maya Jr. and Delta. With a re-match scheduled for the following Sunday, I am looking forward to seeing more interaction between those four as well. This match basically tells the story of January – it was a good trios match in a month full of them and another strong performance by Negro Casas.

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