(01/18) Mephisto (c) vs. Mistico

Korakuen Hall (Toyko, Japan)
Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship

I guess that title change was not such a sure thing after all.

Mephisto pulled off the upset in a good match by retaining his Mexican National Light Heavyweight title against Mistico in the main event of the January 18th Korakuen Hall NJPW/CMLL show. Mistico had been positioned in the prior three stops of the tour as the start of the CMLL sign. He defeated Rey Escorpion in the trios main event of the tour opener with La Mistica, defeated Mephisto with La Mistica in the semi-main of show #2, and was on the winning team of the third show’s semi-main (with Rush). He seemed destined for a tour-capping title win on night #4, but it didn’t happen.

The match itself, however, was a showcase for Mistico. He hit several impressive dives including a springboard shooting star press to outside of the ring. The crowd was behind Mistico, but like the Rush/Nakamura match there wasn’t the heat one might expect, especially given how Mistico was positioned in prior stops on the tour. Mephisto picked up the win via a painful-looking top-rope Devil’s Wings. The finish seemed a little abrupt, but perhaps that was just because it unexpected.

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