(01/24) Mascara Dorada, Mistico & Volador Jr. vs. Niebla Roja, Reaper & Ultimo Guerrero

Arena Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)

Sort of a random CMLL trios match as much as there are no real issues going on between any of the six luchadores in this match. There is still some good stuff to be found in here, however. The rudo side pulls out a few double teams I liked during the opening fall, a fall they eventually take with a pin on Dorada followed by Mistico submitting to Roja. Dorada pulls out the running hurricanrana from the ramp inside the ring and follows it up a nice springboard dive to the floor. Mistico was pretty over in this one and helps secure the 2nd fall for his team by getting a submission from the La Mistica.

There was lots of cool flying in the final frame from the tecnicos. Mistico adds a pair of hurricanranas (to the outside and then a spring board variety from the apron to back inside the ring). Dorada hads a rope-walk hurricanrana and later eats a boot right into the face on an attempted moonsault. The tecnicos also pulled out a really nice triple dive. Guerrero is put over strong. He fights out of a double submission attempt and later picks up the win for the rudos with his reverse superplex.

Standard fare but some neat stuff from the tecnico side, particularly during the final fall.

Lucha Trios | Common | Individual Performance (Tecnicos)

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