March 4, 2015

Current Watch List:

  • Fenix vs. Mil Muertes (Lucha Underground)
  • Alberto El Patron vs. El Texano Jr. (Lucha Underground)

Matches Watched:

Fenix vs. Mil Muertes
Lucha Underground

Fenix started off hot with a springboard hurricanrana off of the railing on the entrance steps, however Mil was too close to the ring so he didn’t roll over on the move  Didn’t look as cool as it would have otherwise as a result.  Okay match.  Mil’s punches and chops were the highlight.  Fenix just is not good enough and doesn’t have enough going for him to remain fresh being on TV (between LU and AAA) almost every week.  I don’t know if he is overexposed per say, but I am kind of tired of seeing him.  He’s gotten stale pretty quickly.  This match didn’t do much for me.

Alberto El Patron vs. El Texano Jr.
Lucha Underground

Decent WWE TV style match.  This was a slower match and more of a WWE-style pace than a lot of LU matches.  They started off quick with some rope running.  Alberto hit a nice tope early before Texano took over for the majority of the match and it settled more into that WWE TV pace.  Texano used a chin lock and arm bar to slow the match down at points.  They used a superplex spot as the second major transition in the match.  They traded punches right after which led into Alberto making his comeback.  I think the Lethal/Alberto ROH match was a tad better but they were close and sort of worked rather similarly.  Alberto got himself DQ’ed by using the bull rope.  That finish came off well and continued the feud in a unique way.  One thing this match (and the show) really did well was meld together the AAA and LU worlds.  It was easy to understand that Del Rio and Texano are major rivals and this wasn’t just two guys having their first match in the promotion.  It felt like a continuation of a feud even though it was their first meeting in LU.  That’s not easy to pull off.

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