March 2, 2015

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  • RAW – Entire Show (WWE)

Matches Watched:


Okay, this is a short cut but I didn’t write about these matches as they were happening and they were so unmemorable that it feels like a chore to go back and write about them each individually.  Ambrose/Barrett was okay after the commercial break but incredibly dull before it.  Bryan/Harper was fine but as everyone else has said, I am not sure why Bryan took some of those bumps he did.  I am not convinced he wasn’t just selling afterwards but even so that’s not stuff he needs to be taking.  Reigns/Rollins was fine but nothing memorable.  I really don’t get jobbing Reigns other than their usual thought process that the guy winning the title can afford to lose a few matches before hand.  None of those matches were bad but none stood out in any significant way.

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