Mano a Mano: Lucha Libre Singles Matches

Welcome to Mano a Mano, a resource for written material on lucha libre singles matches. The core of this section are posts dedicated to individual matches, each of which contain a short (generally spoiler free) synopsis of the match, (hopefully) helpful meta tags, and links to or reprints of reviews and recaps written by other folks over the years. The intent is to provide as little or as much information as someone might want or need about a particular match. The tags are designed to broadly group matches, the synopsis to provide a little more detailed information, and the reviews to provide analysis and all the other information you might seek on a particular match. Lists, full-length articles, and other supplemental material are also in the plans.

A longer introduction to Mano a Mano and a detailed description of what each tag represents can be found by clicking the above links.