(01/19) La Sombra vs. Ultimo Guerrero

Korakuen Hall (Toyko, Japan)

The early mat work between Guerrero and Sombra was excellent and filled with smooth exchanges into near Lucha submissions. The mat work laid the foundation for a potentially excellent match, especially with the crowd invested in both wrestlers who have a history in Japan. The match never quite lived up to the very enjoyable opening minutes, but was still above average.

The first big move of the match was La Sombra attempting a backwards 450 on Ultimo Guerrero from the apron to the outside of the ring. Guerrero was se up too far away from the ring, seemingly set up to catch Sombra on a normal moonsault. He ran in and caught Sombra in the nick of time to advert a potential serious injury, but the rhythm of the match was a beat or two off from that point on. Ultimately, Sombra caught Guerrero with the Brilliante Driver to pick up the three count and the victory.

Ultimo Guerrero looked surprisingly strong this tour, perhaps extra-motivated by the change of venues (and continents). Sombra also looked good and was kept strong throughout the tour, which is perhaps a sign that NJPW is looking at a La Sombra/Okada IWGP title match sometime later this year.

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