(01/18) Jimmy Susumu, Ryo “Jimmy” Saito, Mr. Quu Quu Tanizaki Naoki Toyonaka Dolphin (c) vs. CIMA, Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid

Dragon Gate
Bodymaker Colosseum #2 (Osaka, Japan)
Open the Triangle Gate Championship

Another good trios match in a month seemingly filled with them.

CIMA is turning himself into quite the fun submission wrestler. A substantial amount of his offense here consised of unique and painful-looking submission holds. The rest of his offense – particularly two nice sentons – were also not too shabby. Speaking of wrestlers that have changed their style, when did Dragon Kid decide to steal Jack Evans’ movements and mannerisms? His pre-match dancing routine and body language really had an Evans-like vibe to him.

I liked the layout of this match with quick tags and high spots peppered in throughout rather than saving everything for a big stretch run at the end. The action stayed largely grounded – only Dragon Kid’s moonsault the floor would really qualify as a big time flying spot – and that format worked well. CIMA was the standout but all six guys were good. Dragon Gate trios match have historically been stronger than their singles bout and watching these past few shows, that appears to be the case early on in 2014.

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