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After the monthly recap for a particular month has gone up, I will continue posting normal write ups for any matches that are really good. For the others – generally in the “common” category – that I have something to write about, I’ll just throw some abbreviated thoughts in one post. Given the late start, I’ll group January & February together but might keep the two-month format going forward anywhere. This post will be updated with any new matches from these months I watch that fit the criteria.

Atlantis vs. Negro Casas
Arena Puebla (Puebla, Puebla, Mexico)
January 27th

Atlantis and Casas work a short (sub-10 minute) brawl that didn’t settle anything, but nonetheless appears to be the (temporary?) conclusion to their January feud. This was a good brawl that Casas wins via foul. He once again goes for Atlantis’ mask but that doesn’t seem to be heading anywhere soon. More of an inconclusive brawl than a real featured match like Casas’ matches versus Titan and Volador were in January, but certainly good in that style. I only wish it would lead somewhere.

La Mascara, Mascara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente & Volador Jr. vs. Kraneo, Morphosis, Mr. Aguila, Olimpico & Reaper
Arena Puebla (Puebla, Puebla, Mexico)
January 27th

They kept this cibernetico short and the eliminations came fast, which was probably smart since the rudo team does not bring a whole lot to the table. I thought this was fun and harmless, but ultimately a forgettable cibernetico. Mr. Aguila – in retrospect – is clearly getting a big push and I cannot imagine why. Kraneo is fun and Repear is fine, but Aguila and the rest of the Invasors don’t do much for me.

Eddie Kingston vs. Jonathan Gresham
Berwyn Eagles Club (Berwyn, Illinois)
January 24th
AAW Heavyweight Championship

I think this might be the first Jonathan Gresham match I’ve watched, though I have definitely read the name before. Gresham is really tiny – like borderline mini – which presumably accounts for his relatively low profile despite being a pretty decent wrestler. I liked his basic, but good looking offense. Kingston was a good foil, although there were a couple of rough patches resulting from the height and stylistic differences.

Chris Hero vs. AJ Styles
e-Zone (Toronto, Ontario)
January 26th

This might actually fit more in the “worthwhile” group than “common”, but its close and I am splitting hairs. I have said before that AJ Styles has the mid-2000’s US indie style down and this match was yet another example of that. Hero is obviously a lot better than many of Styles’ opponents recently so he got to do a little higher-level stuff mainly in terms of reversals in and out of holds. This match had the “five minutes too long” problem and a few too many near falls, but it was fine overall.

Gran Hamada & El Solar vs. NOSAWA & MAZADA
Legend Pro
Korauken Hall (Tokyo, Japan)
January 13th

Gran Hamada has looked ancient since at least 1996 when he was feuding with Kaientai in M-Pro. Of course, he was a spry 45 years old then. His wrestling ability defied his age back in 1996, but sadly that is not the case now. At 63 years old, Hamada is now moving like the very old man he is. Inevitably, time has caught up with him. He was running around the ring in this match very slowly and at times, it appeared when some amount of pain. Solar carried the day for the old-timers, hitting a nice plancha and pulling out a bevy of fun submissions. Hamada does contribute his trademark swinging DDT to good effect, while NOSAWA and MAZADA are just “there”. Worth checking out if you like Solar or want to see 63 year old Hamada but that’s it.

Mascara Dorada, Valiente & Mistico vs. Negro Casas, Felino & Mr. Niebla
Arena Puebla (Puebla, Mexico)
February 17th

Just wanted to say that Mr. Niebla was the star of the show here because I am not sure how often that can be said. He was dancing all around, having a good time, and really holding up the match I thought. His foul of Mistico to win the match and subsequent celebrating was also fun. Some okay flying in the third fall was the only other real highlight here aside from Niebla.

Rush vs. Vangellys
Arena Puebla (Puebla, Puebla, Mexico)
February 17th

This maybe could have warranted a full write up, but it was close. Rush and Vangellys are somewhat of a random pairing for a singles match. They are not currently feuding and you can’t even really draw a line connecting them using Rush’s two current foes (Shocker and Negro Casas) as dots. Random or not, Rush and Vangellys are strong opponents for one another. Both guys can work a fast paced, hard hitting match as well as anyone in CMLL. The violence and hatred is not exactly Rush/Casas level, but the match is nonetheless a stiff, fast paced contest that just flies by.

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