(01/08) Jamin Olivencia vs. Marcus Anthony (c)

Ohio Valley Wrestling
Davis Arena (Louisville, Kentucky)

This is a re-match of their bout on January 4th’s Saturday Night Special where Anthony defeated Olivencia for the title. Both wrestlers come into this match all taped up around one shoulder from the effects of the previous match.

Olviencia wants to stand at the start so we get a fun – if unpolished – strike exchange that mainly consists of whiffs. It is a neat way to begin the match though. What is noticeable in this match is how well both guys convey being beat up and hurting coming into the match There is a very realistic fatigue quality to all of their movements and whether completely intentional or not, it works. The middle of the match meanders a bit but for a match that is no more than 10 minutes, it feels like they have been through a war by the end which was sort of the point.

A neat start deserves a neat end. As the bookend to the opening strike exchange, Olviencia and Anthony battle over a full nelson for the main near fall portion. A full nelson – while incredibly basic – is also a great submission hold because it is one of the few where you get a good view of the entire hold and can see both of the wrestlers’ faces as the move is being applied. It allows the struggle to really come across. Olviencia and Anthony do a fine job at that with their facial expressions in trying to fight off the hold or apply it.

The match ends without a finish – the referee questionably disqualifies Anthony after his manager interferes which is exactly what he wanted – but was effective in building towards another re-match.

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