(01/09) Ian Rotten vs. Tripp Cassidy

Evolution Pro Wrestling
Jammerz (Clarksville, Indiana)

When you see Ian Rotten – fat, balding, and in in his usual wife-beater/jean shorts combination – the first thought you have likely isn’t “I bet that guy is really great at working basic, limb-focused pro wrestling matches.” But that is just what he does in this match and what he has done with good results throughout his post-ECW career.

This is a quintessential Ian match in many ways. He is wrestling in front of what might generously be 50 fans in Clarksville, Indiana. The building looks to be some sort of indoor roller skating rink. His opponent is the equally non-wrestler looking Tripp Cassidy. You expect a passable brawl at best and a disaster at worse, but instead you get a Cassidy working Ian’s arm over for ten minutes while Ian sells his ass off in between making believable comebacks. There is nothing fancy, but it is good, gritty, and simple professional wrestling.

Tripp cheats to win and lays a beat down on Rotten (with some help from his entourage) post-match. It seems likely that the Rotten/Cassidy 2014 feud with continue in both EPW and IWA Mid-South in the upcoming months which based on this match would be a good thing.

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