(01/14) Hiroshi Tanahashi, El Desperado & Mistico vs. Rey Escorpion, Mephisto & Kazuchika Okada

Bodymaker Coliseum (Osaka, Japan)

The first show of the tour features arguably New Japan’s top two stars opposite each other. The original Mistico got over big in Japan wrestling for NJPW several years back so nuevo Mistico carries some cache as well. He is scheduled to wrestle Mephisto for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship in the headliner of the tour’s penultimate event, hence Mephisto’s inclusion here. El Desperado gets some rub as they continue his initial push and Escorpion is the rudo needed to even the two sides out.

I guess Desparado is not necessarily a heel, despite surely acting as such in his debut match on the 5th. Here he is in full on tecnico/baby face mode. I suppose that maybe he just as an issue with Ibushi.

The trios main event was the best match on the kickoff Fantasticamania show. Mistico hit everything cleanly. Tanahashi and Okada looked just fine working a slightly-more Lucha style. Mistico picked up the win and was put over big post-match – and during the entire event for that matter. Both CMLL and NJPW are clearly positioning him as the CMLL star of this tour. If I am Mephisto, I would start saying goodbye to my Mexican National Light Heavyweight title right now.

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