(07/09/1993) Felino vs. Ciclon Ramirez (CMLL)

mask vs. mask

Year: 1993
Type: Mask vs. Mask
Other: Recommended


With CMLL still feeling the effects of the AAA exodus, Felino and Ciclon Ramirez wrestle arguably the best mask match of the 1990’s. In addition to being just an overall excellent match, it is also a very accessible one. The offense, structure, and pacing should not feel all that foreign to non-lucha fans. Ciclon Ramirez gives an outstanding performance. As always, his dives are spectacular but he complements them with great bumping and selling, including some of the nastiest post shots you will ever see. There is a really high stakes feeling to the match, an impressive accomplishment considering neither wrestler was a major start in ’93 CMLL even with the weakened roster. The intensity of the submissions, the emotion displayed after each fall, and the relenting pace all add to that big match feeling. The fact that both guys were hovering around 30 years old and in their prime of their careers did not hurt the big match feeling, either. There were mask matches in the 90’s with bigger names and maybe bigger stakes, but this one might very well be the best.

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