February 28, 2015

Current Watch List:

  • Jimmyz (Jimmy Kagetora & Jimmy Kanda) vs. Super Shisa & Syachihoko BOY (DG)
  • Kzy (c) vs. Akira Tozawa for the Open the Brave Gate championship (DG)
  • Myzteziz vs. Perro  Aguayo Jr. (AAA)
  • John Skyler vs. Anthony Henry (OMEGA)
  • Jeff Hardy vs. Caprice Coleman, CW Anderson, Matt Hardy, Tommy Dreamer and Trevor Lee for the OMEGA Heavyweight championship (OMEGA)

Matches Watched:

Jimmyz (Jimmy Kagetora & Jimmy Kanda) vs. Super Shisa & Syachihoko BOY
Dragon Gate

Decent opener.  For my money, Super Shisa is the best guy in Dragon Gate.  What he does well are generally attributes I value in a wrestler.  He has a solid ground game with funky, almost lucha-esque submissions.  He keeps things simple but moving along nicely and has a strong sense of timing.  I totally get why he is where he is on Dragon Gate cards and am not advocating for him as a great worker, but he is down to earth in a way that manner DG wrestlers aren’t which I happen to appreciate.  Everyone was fine in this match and it breezed by.  Average or slightly above.

Kzy (c) vs. Akira Tozawa
Dragon Gate
Open the Brave Gate championship

This has gotten some hype.  I am not the biggest the Dragon Gate fan.  For my own personal tastes, there is far too much reliance on quickness, rope running and moves, without enough focus on basically everything else.  It is not that Dragon Gate guys don’t know how to sell at all or don’t know how to work the mat at all or don’t have any psychology.  It is just all of that stuff (and more) is secondary or done in a perfunctory manner at best.  This match is a good example.  There was arm work and arm selling.  It was all well and good.  The arm work was not, however, anything more than what I would expect to see in a good indie or anywhere else when the wrestlers choose to focus on the arm.  “They worked the arm and sold well!” is not enough to make a match great.

I did think this was a good match, particularly because the ending didn’t wear me out and got some big near fall reactions from the audience.  I have seen several matches – DG matches included – over the past couple of years where at least one person has marveled at the great heat near the end, only to find the heat was normal at best at the end.  The crowd was genuinely amped up at the end of this match which was nice to see.  As said, all the arm work was fine and I appreciated the focus, even if I think that is more a quality of a “good” match rather than a “great” match.  Probably my favorite DG match of 2015 so far but more good than great.

Myzteziz vs. Perro  Aguayo Jr.

This was the second AAA singles match between the two longtime rivals as they inch closer to an apuesta match.  The 12 minute match did a very good job in building anticipation for a decisive singles match.  Both guys bled heavily.  Perro Jr. did the always disgusting rudo tactics of biting his opponents cut, licking his blood, and spreading it on his own face like warpaint.  There was high level of intensity and the usual great 2015 AAA crowd heat.  They did some of the typical AAA hardcore stuff by using chairs, a board, and a table, but it factored in much more naturally than normal.  Perro Jr.’s bump through the board looked really good and Myzteziz’s table bump was set up nicely.  The near falls were hot and I loved the finish, including an irate Perro Jr. taking out the ref and having to be restrained post-match.  A totally effective match for what they were trying to accomplish.  I came out this that much more psyched for a big Perro Jr/.Myzteziz match which means (at least for me) the match accomplished exactly what it set out to do.

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